Hope Pastures:
Rescuing and Re-Homing Equines Since 1974

Hope Pastures rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes horses, ponies and donkeys. They also provide the opportunity for people to meet the animals and learn about them and how to look after them.

Hope Pastures is a small charity, with a highly committed team of passionate supporters, volunteers, staff and trustees; all of whom dedicate many hours to help the horses, ponies and donkeys. This means they have very low ‘overheads’ and admin costs, so 95p in every £1 you donate spent on the animals.

You might wonder if being bigger would mean they could negotiate better prices for the goods they use (buy in bulk) and save money this way. Surprisingly, this isn’t the case for horse care. The vast majority of the items and services they need (eg: hay, straw, vets, farriers) can only be obtained from very local, and usually also small, suppliers (there are no national straw farmers!) This means being bigger wouldn’t really help; so you really can be sure they make every pound you donate work harder to save more animals and improve more lives. 

Proud To Support Hope Pastures

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