• Equicure Relief


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    Equicure Relief includes ingredients that have been found to provide benefits in many cases of inflammation, pain and general discomfort that may arise from injury, illness or day to day life. Using only natural products that have been selected with all lifestyles in mind, we have created a blend that offers relief at a new level without compromising on cost or qualityEquicure Relief is suitable for competition and long term use.

    Our product has been used to provide relief for:

    • healthy horses who have picked up strains through over exertion in muddy and uneven turnout conditions.
    • retired horses suffering with arthritis and inflammation resulting from injuries in earlier life.
    • fluid retention and swelling in legs during extended periods of stabling.
    • lameness arising from apparent hoof concerns including abscesses.
    • breathing concerns, both in older animals and in cases of dust irritation.
    • discomfort and unease arising from colic.
    Our product has been designed to be used with all horses who require support to maintain their comfort at all stages in life. Whether your horse picks up a strain whilst competing, needs a boost when suffering with common painful conditions, or has a long standing condition requiring regular maintenance; we want to help you to provide relief from all types of discomfort, pain and lameness.

    As with all of our products, Equicure Relief incorporates only the highest quality human grade ingredients; there should be no compromise on quality for you or your horse. 

    Feeding category
    Grams per day
    Scoops per day
    Pony (up to 400kg) 15 1 ½
    Horse (400 - 700kg) 30 3
    Heavy Horse (700kg+) 45 4 ½

    mg per 30g dose
    % per kg
    Boswellia Serrata 22546 75.15
    MSM 4950 16.15
    Curcumin 95% 1000 3.33
    Vitamin C 1000 3.33
    Serratiopeptidase 500 1.67
    4 0.02

    Analytical constituents: Crude ash (0.2%), crude fibre (0.2%), crude oils and fats (5.53%), crude protein (1.3%)